art practice


I believe that playful and knotty narratives appear through an authentic artistic expression and combination of various ways of thinking (visual, verbal, kinetic, spacial, creative, etc.). I am interested to work interdisciplinarily and address topics such as autobiographical memory, intergenerational trauma, time perception and artistic creation. My utopia is to take my Being as an artistic experiment, because I hold that true art is as strong as ordinary life”.


I was born in 1984 in Poland as a daughter of art teacher and military police chef. After studying linguistics I became a subjective documentary photographer. In 2009 I emigrated to Berlin, Germany where I was a member of interdisciplinary artistic groups such as TA Collective, Trans: Motion and Art & Neuroscience Ecke. Since then, I experiment with text, photography and video to express their intriguing combinations and my research areas included creativity, artistic process and visual communication.

After graduating Film School in 2012, I took up modern, jazz and contemporary dance, which led me to storytelling. In 2016 I started to work on documentary films in Berlin and parallelly research on Butoh as an artistic method in collaboration with Anya Deubel and Tanz Fabrik in Berlin. In November 2018 I was invited for an artist residency to Center of Creative Activities in Ustka to develop my original film project Phoenix using Butoh Intensive method for filmmaking.