Artist Residency in Ustka

“Phoenix” is a book and artistic film about the process of developing human consciousness from the birth to the age of 36 in the language of magical realism, that is, documentary elements mix with fantasy and fairytale (inspired by “100 years of solitude” by Marquez, prose by Haruki Murakami and filmography by David Lynch). The film begins with Orwellian 1984 and ends in 2020, referring in the meantime to the Middle Ages and prehistory.

As part of the residency, I conducted a film research about Ustka in 1995: interviewed Ustka residents, reviewed the municipal archives (films, photographs, city plans, etc.), documented possible locations, wrote down memories as film scenes:

Additionally, I  ran a weekly workshop of the BUTOH INTENSIVE– dance theater for interested residents of Ustka:

Photo-Documentation of BI Workshosp:

BI Workshops No.4 foto: Joanna Żuraw (BGSW)

The collected material served as a base for writing the book and for preparing the final performance of Butoh- dance theater together with workshops  participants on 28.11.2018 at 5 pm in CAT in Ustka.

Other Activities during the Residency:

Media Partners:





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