Reenact- happening

There are these points in the time and space that are called “turning”, for they bring the change. These old photographs are reminiscence of such times, of the year 2002. A dozen years later I returned there to reenact and hence let the 18-year-old me and the 30-years-old one meet again.

It was like you meet an old friend that you knew once, but haven’t seen for ages, so first you try to remember who they were back then, and you start asking: what have you been doing? where do you live? Do you have a family? Did you buy a house and a car?

Some old dreams and hopes came alive. I felt nostalgia, sentiment, regret, but also a relief that I’m here and not then. An awkward silence broke in and we said good-bye, and I knew we might not meet again. Still I was happy we have met.

These reenactment photographs were taken by Giovanni Casu in London in 2014.

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