July’95- dance theater

Let’s open the Time Tunnel and move to 1995. Let us find what is hidden, what we fear, what seems foreign and what we displace from our collective consciousness and hide in our shadow. But IT cannot be ignored, and it returns demanding our attention, acceptance and assimilation.

What are we ashamed of? Our poverty? Our stage of development? Our past? Experiences of isolation and exclusion from the Western World? What do we want to hide behind branded leasing cars, western lumpy clothes, houses on credit, travel with low cost airlines? Why do we want the American way of life, the European Union and NATO so much?

Let’s face it: who we are in 1995, what we really need. Let us not be afraid of WHAT is and HOW is. Let us give ourselves space and time to be ourselves, regardless of our neighbors and trends, against economic pressure and our own excessive expectations.

Performance Butoh was an opportunity to experience July 1995, described in the language of avant-garde theater, contemporary dance and the psychology of CG Jung. It was inspired by personal memories, accounts of Witnesses of Time and  the results of monthly film research.

The collected material served as a base for a weekly workshop of the BUTOH INTENSIVE– dance theater for interested residents of Ustka. The final performance July’95 was conducted together with workshops participants.

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