Eat that coal, dinosaur! – site-specific performance

Every time I come across a situation, when a person is treated in a mechanized way, I freeze in fear. Worthless, unnecessary, inappropriate- that’s how I feel. With my vulnerable body of a female human being, I am here to tell a story about how did I get here and what I see.

During the IBug Festiva (Industrialwasteland Transformation Festival) I deal with the topic of coal industry in Saxony on the grounds of former railway depots. It was built in 1846 in the course of the industrialization of Central Europe and became an important junction for trains to transport coal .

Now they are ruins that still impress with their size and quantity of material. They welcome lone photographers to take nostalgic pictures and finally the Grafitti artists to tranfrom the ghostland into an open air gallery.

On Saturday the 24.08.2019 I spent 24 hours on site from 3 pm. During this time, I took notes and pictures and rehearsed to make Butoh dance performance with the collected inspiration on Sunday from 3pm onwards.

Location: Greizer Strasse ecke Friedensstrasse,  Reichenbach im Vogtland, Sachsen 08499

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