Let’s talk about art- short story

When I encounter people who think that I am either an isolated eccentric or an enlightened guru, I ask them: “Isn’t an artist like a baker?” When they don’t see my point, I continue: “An artist is just a vocation. The only difference is that unlike a baker I make something hard to define, namely- art”, and I invite my listener to a crowded bar. We sit at a table with a group of artists, who argue over a definition of art.

The next day with a hangover I say: “Art, like life, is undefinable. My duty as an artist is to immerse myself in this unconscious and uncover what is hidden there”. I boil water for tea and open the kitchen window. We hear birds singing in the park and children having fun in the playground. The kettle whistles. “To tell you the truth, I’m scared when I make art”. My listener looks at me surprised. “Because I must investigate my own unconscious to expose the collective one, so I speak through my intimacy. It makes me feel vulnarable and defenceless”.

After a pause I leave the kitchen to bring my photographs. “Every image I create exposes my psyche and every story, my experience”. My listener flicks through the photobook, so I stand up and look through the window. ”But my need to investigate the unknown and share my discoveries is stronger than the discomfort of being exposed and unmasked. A change for a new order is my motivation. Art lets the change happen or see its direction”. We hear the clock ticking. “Shall we go out?” I ask

“Making art teaches me how to live my life and inspires others to figure it out, too”. I notice a vibrating light reflecting on the path, I contemplate it and then record a video. “Medusa Art Festival in 2003 first encouraged me to combine various arts”. We pass by girls playing hopskotch on the path. I join them and say while jumping: “Then I encountered Maria Lai, Laurie Anderson and Isabela Gustowska’s art“. I thank the girls for the game and take my listener by the hand. We walk towards a brick fence. “These artists taught me to combine different ways of thinking so that I can achive that”. I point at a small graffti:

“true art is as strong as ordinary life”.


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